Highlights Of Current Issue Volume 3| Issue 2 | July - December 2020 :

Original Article

Plateletcrit - An important indicator of hypertension induced organ damage

Abstract : Hypertension being a major health problem worldwide, has been found to result in end-organ damage. Hypertensive patients have deranged haematological parameters, which in turn have been studied to be the cause of this

Keywords : Plateletcrit (PCT), Hypertension (HT), Hemato

Authors : hotmail Swathy Shanker, Niranjana Murthy B,


Original Article

Comparative study of maternal and fetal outcome in gestational diabetes mellitus with non diabetic pregnancies

Abstract : Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterised by high blood glucose level consequent to defective insulin production or its action or both. According to WHO estimates, highest number of Diabetes cases are

Keywords : Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Pre eclampsia,

Authors : hotmail B S Dhananjaya, Samra Sahu,


Case Report

Intramedullary Chondrosarcoma of Proximal Humerus

Abstract : Chondrosarcoma is a malignant cartilage-forming tumour accounting for 8–17% of all biopsied primary bone tumours and 20–25% of all biopsied malignant bone tumours. It is classified as central if arising within medullary bone and

Keywords : T1WI,T2WI, Axial, Coronal

Authors : hotmail Pavan Kolekar, Gurushankar G, Anand SH,


Case Report

A case of neonatal ileal atresia with microcolon

Abstract : Ileal atresia is a congenital bowel malformation in which there is complete stenosis or absence of ileal segment. Ileal atresia usually occurs as a result of vascular insult in second or third trimester of gestation

Keywords : Ileal atresia, Microcolon, Congenital bowel

Authors : hotmail Neelaja Patil, Rajat Agnihotri, Pradeep Patil,


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